About us

We believe here at HoverTech that these are some of the best and most exciting times for future innovation and technology such as our very own Self Balance Electric Scooters that have taken the world by storm.

Our products are valued in New Zealand Dollars but we offer free global shipping and you can order your board today from any country in the world, we accept any currency as long as its accepted by PayPal. We are ONLY accepting Paypal payments at the moment we are working on adding credit card payments.

If you prefer using credit card payments you can purchase our Self Balance Scooters on Amazon at:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015S1A1Y0

We are a New Zealand and Australian self balance hover board electric scooter company and we offer super fast worldwide shipping to any country and believe we have the absolute best top quality self balance scooter's on the market today.

Make your dream come true and try one out today.


If you any problems with your order or have any personal questions please send us a email at HoverTechLTD@gmail.com we also do free giveaways so feel free to email us just to say your interested in our future giveaways and discounts.